XSection Modeller

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The application is mostly used to generate standard 2D cross sections, but it can be helpful with creating more complicated sections and terrain models in 3D.

Some of programís functionality:

  • creating cross sections from the external data (e.g. from levelling)
  • converter of readings from the staff into absolute values
  • placing MicroStation cells as e.g. rail, curb and gutter, tree, masts
  • the library of cells attached
  • opportunity of using the additional MicroStation commands
  • graphical window for showing the generated section
  • work in 2D or 3D (generation of series of sections)
  • saving data to archive and ability to edit them later
  • import of terrain data from .txt file as x,y information
  • export terrain line to InRoads/InRail
  • possibility to edit terrain with given constant values
  • randomization of terrain
  • work with 3 section lines
  • automatic adding of section frame and labels
  • generation of section through drainage and catch pits
  • generation of envelopes and shapes of any object, collision checking (e.g. train or car envelope) and placing it on the cross section
  • generetion of the triangulation from cross sections prepared in 3D

Few screenshots of program:

Modul Generate Cross Section in action:

Modul Drainage in action:

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