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Railab 2015 v.5.3.448 is the most recent version available.

New options in the program:

  • tolerances of track and kinematic envelope in clearance analysis
  • improved track profile design
  • improved Zimmerman theory analysis
  • sieve analysis (very wide library of Australian materials)
  • turnout on transition
  • formation crown levels
  • calculation of the shortest possible curve
  • railway track in tunnel
  • improved passing and clearance analysis
  • railway track in cross section
  • route geometry calculator
  • nontypical transition: AREMA 10-chords spiral
  • nontypical transition: RailCopr Cubic Parabola, Czech Cubic Parabola
  • profile estimating
  • crossover on curved tracks
  • AutoCAD and MicroStation scripts generator
  • formation loading limits
  • straights connected by two transitions
  • parallel straights connected by four transitions
  • nontypical transitions: Searles Spiral, Talbot Spiral
  • regression of straight and circular curve
  • broken line analysis
  • train dynamics - train motion analysis (time and distance consumed for change of speed)
  • automatic checking of passing and clearance
  • work with the ClearRoute reports
  • horizontal curve geometry
  • vertical curve geometry
  • analysis of reverse curves
  • settings that allow to analyse the track with any gauge, alignment and cant transition
  • rails library
  • automatic analysis of whole route
  • graphical and numerical analysis of curve with transition
  • analysis of length of transition for tilting train
  • calculation of speed limit and Prud’homme limit
  • influence of carriage springing
  • re-cant of existing track
  • calculation of cant and length of transition (2 calculators)
  • analysis of horizontal curve geometry
  • full analysis of alignment transition (graphs)
  • full analysis of cant transition (graphs)
  • full analysis of parameters dependent from the type of alignment and cant transition (graphs)
  • calculation of deflection angle between the elements
  • calculation of versine, cord and radius for circular curve
  • calculation of length of rails on curve
  • estimating of cant deficiency between two curves
  • calculating of intersection points in profile
  • vertical curve analysis
  • checking speed on vertical curve
  • calculating of curve compensation
  • graphical and numerical analysis of the railway envelopes
  • analysis of turnout placed on a curved track (the library of British turnouts available)
  • calculation of the strengthening of formation according to Dornii method
  • estimating of rail deflection and other parameters according to Zimmerman theory (graphs)
  • units converter(length, speed, angle, pressure)
  • gradients converter
  • sleepers arrangement on the given length
  • water flow in ditch analysis
  • MXRail tools (earthworks, profile, terrain line)
  • links to theory and interesting internet sites

Few screenshots of program:

Some functions in action:

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