Clearance Analysis

Downlad a manual

This program is designed for running passing and clearance analysis. It allows to check exact values of dimensions between trains and structures in single sections and in automatic way for the whole route.

Some of program functionalities:

  • importing envelope shapes from Excela or inputing data manually,
  • generating sections of circular and box tunnels,
  • exporting drawings to MicroStation or AutoCAD,
  • importing data from ClearRoute,
  • ClearRoute section files browser,
  • taking into account horizontal curvature of tracks (some methods),
  • taking into account vertical curvature of tracks,
  • automatic checking for the whole route,
  • analysis for track with different gauges,
  • measures between given track and structures envelopes,
  • automatic finding of minimum distance,
  • calculation reports,
  • graphic presentation for results,
  • tolerances of track and kinematic envelope,
  • library of Australian tolerances (can be extended for other countries if required by users).

Some of program's screenshots:

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